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Ultimate dessert experience

Who we are...

Want to know more about Heavenly Desserts? We started out in 2008 in Birmingham, UK with one restaurant and big plans. Over the last 15 years we have grown within the dessert sector within the UK. Our first international restaurant opening in Mississauga, Canada opening in 2022, has set the path for our international growth with opportunities in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi, Middle East and the USA. Our expansion will see Heavenly desserts across the globe.  This means you will be able to get that sweet craving wherever you are based. 
Modern Heavenly Desserts Resturant
Dessert Collection

What makes us unique

Each of our Restaurants have their own unique feel to transport you into a world of luxury, from the plush fabrics, colour ways all compliments with golden fixtures and marble accents throughout you get the whole Heavenly experience when you walk through our doors.

Why we're so good

We make sure after each and every visit you cannot wait to come back and visit our restaurant. The food, drink and experience are what makes us different from other Dessert parlours and desserts restaurants. We serve waffles, crepes, and pancakes but we also take you on a journey across the globe with authentic Italian gelato, milk cakes, kunafeh, our coffee is ground from 100% Arabica beans which is carefully roasted to perfection to bring out the full-bodied flavour & aroma.  
Modern Heavenly Desserts Resturant
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